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Antix GPS Enabled Quadcopter Review

The Antix is a great Quadcopter for anyone wanting to learn how to fly or for a fun hobby. The flight control system has an in-built stabiliser function which makes it a breeze to fly even for beginners. Without the added weight of a camera you’ll easily get up to 25 minutes flight time from the Antix. Invest in a second battery for even more enjoyment.

antix full frontn face

If you have a Go Pro or other similar recording device, the Antix has a camera mount where you can install it to capture film of your flight adventures. The low battery alarm and return to home fail safe means you won’t lose your drone if your battery runs low.


The Antix is a small to medium sized drone weighing in at just under 3lbs (1.3 kg). A fully charged battery will give you up to 20-25 minutes of air time. It comes with a 5300 mAh battery that requires two hours to fully recharge. You can operate the drone to an altitude and distance of up to 1600 feet (500 meters)

The drone isn’t equipped with its own camera but does come with a camera mount that is compatible with a GoPro, Hero 9+, Hero4 or Hero4 Session. Built-in flight control software allows a more stable flight which is great for beginners.

10 inch propellers allow you to fly the drone at up to 44 mph (70 kph) in good weather. The Antix has a wind rating of 4 meaning you can operate it in winds of up to 18mph (30 kph) however at this will shorten your air time as the battery will be drained quicker by the propellers battling against the wind.

High intensity LED lights make it easier to keep track of where your drone is in the sky. If you do happen to lose sight the drone comes equipped with auto return to home so that you don’t lose it in the wilderness.

Antix GPS Enabled Professional


Because the drone doesn’t come with an inbuilt camera it’s cheaper to purchase if you just want something you can fly without taking pictures. Without the camera you can get up to 25 minutes of flight time for longer lasting fun. Low battery alarm and auto return home feature means you won’t lose your drone if the battery goes flat.


The drone doesn’t come with an inbuilt camera so you need to purchase one separately if you want to film or take still images. Replacing the propellers can be a little fiddly and beginners might find this to be a challenge. More experienced drone enthusiasts shouldn’t be bothered by it though.

Final Thoughts

This is a nifty little drone capable of some amazing speeds. For beginners it’s a fantastic choice however more experienced drone enthusiasts will appreciate it equally. For flight time and speed it’s definitely among the best on the market.
Although it doesn’t come with an inbuilt camera, this can be a good thing if you are looking for speed and flight time. If you do want to film your flights, you do have the option of installing an after-market camera in the camera mount.
For the price you get a quality UAV that will give you plenty of enjoyment.

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