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Top 5 Long Range Camera Drones For 2017

Are you looking for a long range drone?We’ve done the hard research for you and narrowed down the top performing drones into a short list. Simply charge up your batteries and choose a scenic area and then you are on your way to spectacular still images and real time video feed from above. Limited only […]

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How to Earn Money with Quadcopters

Owning a Quadcopter, or drone, has been every child AND adults dream since becoming extremely popular in the last 6 years. What could be more fun than flying a remote controlled gadget with the ability to fly 1000-feet away, right? These carbon fibre-reinforced  soaring machines are the embodiment of modern tech. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter […]

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How to Know Which Drone to Buy

Quadcopter drones have reformed amateur and professional photography and filmmaking. These devices, which are becoming more and more self-navigating, make it possible to create excellent action videos or capture an area from 400 feet in the air. However, the UAV pose a few challenges and can get tricky despite the evolving technology. You will need […]

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Best Drones For 2017

Flying cameras, quadcopters, unmanned flying aircrafts, whatever you want to call them, drones are one of the most in-demand technological innovations on the market right now. They are quickly rising in popularity and becoming more and more mainstream with all the news coverage, viral videos and marketing they are getting from different companies trying to […]

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Drone Comparison 2017

There are many drones available on the market, and the demand for them is only getting greater thanks to their wide array of uses. You can use them to take aerial photos and shoot videos of areas you could not reach unless you hire a helicopter and camera crew. This means that you can have […]

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Do Have to Be Registered

Do Drones Have to Be Registered

Drones or quadcopters have been around for quite some time. They have become widely used in many fields around the world. Agriculture, mapping, archaeologist, journalism, photography monitoring, search and rescue are some of the fields that have seen the use of quadcopters. Businesses, both small and large have invested in non-military drones with the purpose […]

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Best Quadcopters for 2017

There are many drones, quadcopters and other sorts of multi-rotor helicopters available on the market right now thanks to their rise in popularity as an easy way to capture great photographic and video footage from aerial positions. Unfortunately, the number of different types of drones makes it tough to find which one is really the […]

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Top 10 Drones for Beginners

The 3 elements you need to considerChoosing your first drone is as crucial as learning to use it. The drone you pick must help hone your skills. Going for the cheapest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle will not help you, especially if you are considering using drones for the long haul. It needs to be responsive and […]

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Top 10 Drones for Photography: Updated for 2017

Capturing Aerial BeautyAre you prepared to capture images or videos that seem surreal? Then you are reading the right article. When choosing a drone for photography, you need to consider two major things: budget and quality of the image produced. Multi-rotor drones of more professional standards allow you to attach your own equipment to its […]

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beginnenrs guide

Best Beginner Quadcopters Guide for 2017

A World of DroneIf you are thinking of getting into the world of drones, then having the best beginner quadcopter is definitely on your mind right now. You need something that is easy to play around with, something that is light and can be used to learn the different flying techniques involved to successfully maneuver […]

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