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a drone for aerial photography prepared

How Easy is it to Fly a Quadcopter?

Quadcopters are easier to fly than planes or traditional helicopters. Having said that always read the instructions before you attempt to fly a new device. Each quadcopter will have different settings and controls and you don’t want to crash it causing damage. People of all ages can fly a quadcopter. There are toy versions available […]

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Would Radars Detect Drones?

There is a myth that small drones can ‘fly under the radar’ that is not entirely true. As technology has progressed in other areas, the military and aviation security companies have kept pace developing radar technology also. Modern radar systems are capable of detecting small drones however the difficulty lies in differentiating a drone from […]

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3D drone flying above a sunset sea

Do Drones Fly at Night?

In short, the answer is yes they can, however you’ll need to check with your local laws to find out if you are allowed to fly it at night. Some drones are equipped with lights so that you can monitor its whereabouts and some even come equipped with night vision cameras. Infrared Imaging Company FLIR […]

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rainiy and windy

Can Drones Fly in the Rain?

The answer to this depends on your device. If your quadcopter is at the cheaper end of the market I wouldn’t recommend taking it out on rainy days. The main reason is water damage to your drone. If your drone isn’t designed to be water proof then you’re likely to end up with short circuited […]

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drone aerial photography concept - reviewing aerial pictures of Fort Collins downtown on a digital tablet with a drone rotor and radio control transmitter,

Drone Photography Ideas

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… Nope, it’s a DroneMany Drones, Quadcopters in particular come with built-in cameras. Thanks to improved camera technology you don’t need to be an expert to take some great pictures. A great resource for drone photography beginners is YouTube. Have a look at a few videos that other people have […]

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Drone Terminology Explained

Drone is a general term that relates to remote controlled pilotless aircraft such as planes, helicopters and quadcopters. The term ‘Drone’ is a colloquial term that came about as a comparison to male worker bees that hum along doing their job in a seemingly mindless fashion. Drones may also be referred to as UAV’s (Unmanned […]

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Drones and Privacy Explained

Depending on what country you live in there are different laws regarding drones and privacy. Laws regarding personal privacy are a contentious issue for many and drones is just one more chip on wood pile. Bring up the subject of drones at your local bar and you’re sure to elicit some strong opinions and a […]

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danger written on a yellow road warning sign

Can Drones Be Dangerous?

In recent years hobby-drones have become quite a popular past time for many people. Whether you are a novice or a veteran drone operator there is lots of fun to be had. Some enthusiast just enjoy the relaxation of flying them around without plan or purpose, not unlike flying a kite or sailing a remote […]

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How Do Quadcopters Work?

The basic principle of quadcopters relies in four propellers to create lift and give the operator control to change directions. Each propeller has its own motor allowing the propellers to operate at different speeds, this allows you to control the lift, pitch and yaw to change direction by instructing one or more of the propellers […]

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Are Drones Noisy?

While most drones do make quite a bit of noise there has been developments to make them quieter. Drones make a humming or buzzing noise from the sound of the engine and the sound of the propellers. Think about the sound your ceiling fan at home makes, except these spin a lot faster. The amount […]

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