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Parrot bebop Blue Review

With the introduction of the Bebop, makers Parrot have also released Freeflight 3 piloting software. Freeflight 3 is available to iOS and Android smart phones and tablets and is compatible with the Bebop as well as Parrots Mini Drones.

parrot bebop blue

Bebop’s advanced tech in conjunction with Freeflight 3 and a superior HD 1080p camera make this a sophisticated drone that you’ll be proud to own. By syncing and operating the drone with your smart device you are able to view, record and upload images instantly. The package comes with two batteries, each battery offers around 10 min flight time.


The Parrot Bebop drone’s CPU is 8 times more powerful than its predecessor the Parrot AR Drone 2.0. The Bebop comes with free piloting software that is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone and tablets. Freeflight 3 has been developed to allow the operator to fly with ease while being able to control the camera angle at the touch of a finger.

Anti-Vibration algorithms and a 3 axis gimbal offers crystal clear, 180* video feed. The full HD 1080p camera captures crisp video feed as well as 14 megapixel still images. Control the camera angle with the touch of a finger thanks to the Freeflight software. 8 GB of flash memory is included giving you plenty of space to save your video feed.

An ultrasound senor that can detect obstacles up to 8 meters away, gyroscope, magnetometer and vertical camera speed sensor all come together to provide outstanding flight stability. The Bebop features a dual core CPU and a quad core GPU which operates on Linux with SKD.

When emergency mode is activated the drone will land immediately and in the event of a crash the propeller blades will stop automatically to help prevent further damage. The blades are easily detachable for packing away or replacing in the event of damage. The drone has been designed with a foam and ABS reinforced structure making it light weight but quite robust.


Comes with two batteries for extended flight time. The light but strong construction is extremely durable. You’ll probably crash a few times while learning to master piloting this drone, but it’s sturdy and can take a few knocks. Propeller blades are easily replaced in the event of damage.


It can be a little tricky to get the hang of at first however Parrot offers great after-sales customer service. The Bebop generates its own Wi-Fi however it can tend to lose connectivity with the controller at times.

Final Thoughts

As with any new UAV device reading the instructions is highly recommended. Even if you are an experienced drone pilot, every quad is different and may have individual quirks you are not familiar with. When you get your Bebop and register it with Parrot there are a couple of short tutorials available on YouTube. Spend a few minutes and watch them, it will make you first few flight attempts much more successful.

The Bebop and the Freeflight 3 software are fantastic once you get the hang of them. The picture quality is remarkable and you’ll want to recharge and get in the air again ASAP just so you can take more pictures.

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