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Parrot Bebop Quadcopter with Sky Controller Bundle – Review


Parrot has a good name in the drone world for a reason. They put a lot of time
and research into their designs to bring you new and fun products.

The Bebop is a compact and trendy drone. It comes in a range of bright, fun colors but
also has a very user friendly interface. The controller has good old fashioned
joystick controls with only a couple of additional buttons to control all of its

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At the press of a button the drone will return home saving you from
losing your air craft should it wonder too far away.

The Bepop uses FreeFlight 3.0 which is a free a downloadable application for
Parrot Drones. By downloading FreeFlight 3.0 to you iOS or Android Tablet or
smart phone you can view FPV footage directly to your device.

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The Bebop comes with a dual core processor with quad core GPU and 8GB Flash storage. The 1080p HD camera captures crisp images and video feed spanning 180* thanks to a 3 axis electric stabilizing system. Parrot Bebop generates its own Wi-Fi to sync with its transmitter. Dual band Wi-Fi antennas can handle both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

The included Skycontroller extends the Bebop’s built in Wi-Fi range. With the sky controller you can control the drone while leaving your Android or iOS device free to view the footage you capture whilst in flight. Multi-Sensor flight stability systems utilise a number of the drone’s features to ensure stability making it suitable even for novice users.

Easy assembly and disassembly allows you to pack up and store your drone without hassle. Although lightweight the drone has a reinforced structure making it quite robust. Emergency mode allows it to land safely and in the event of a collision the propellers will stop automatically

Overview of Features

  • 8GB Flash Memory
  • 1080p HD Camera
  • App for Android / iOS
  • Electric Stabilizing System
  • Dual band WiFi Antennas
  • 2.4 GHz & 5GHz Frequencies


The integrated 14MP camera records beautifully clear images through a fisheye lens. The 3 axis motion sensor allows camera motion spaning 180*.

The inclusion of two batteries and a charger give you twice the flight time.
On touch sharing allows you to share your flights and images directly to your social media account. You will be a YouTube star in no time at all.


The hull is made out of plastic which while ‘crash resistant’ still doesn’t offer the durability that a carbon fiber frame would provide.
The Free-flight 3.0 App for iOS and Android has proven to be a bit hit and miss.

If you stick to the standard programing you shouldn’t have an issue but as soon as you start to customize your program you may find it rather frustrating to calibrate your drone and get it operating how you would like it to.

Final thoughts

This drone take you back to your child hood with its traditional joystick controls. The bright colors of the drone and the controller are trendy and will help you keep eyesight on your aircraft in the distance.

The Bebop is a fun little drone with good intuitive responsiveness. The free downloadable software for you iOS or Android device allows you to enjoy your live footage. One touch sharing allows you to share your footage with the world on YouTube or your favorite social media application.

For budding YouTube drone pilot entrepreneurs this is a great package with everything you need to get you started.

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