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Typhoon – Collision Avoidance Hexacopter Review

The Typhoon H 4k is an award winning UAV with very impressive photography and videography equipment for its compact size. Capable of up to 25 minute’s flight time this drone is a leader in the market.

Typhoon H 4k Collision Avoidance Hexacopter

The ST16 Ground Station Transmitter has an integrated 7-inch touchscreen that displays high quality HD 720p resolution. The transmitter is able to received live footage via digital up link for up to 1 mile (1.6km). A variety of automated flight modes and film settings allows you to record amazing footage like never before. The retractable landing gear and 3-axis camera mount allows a full range of movement for unhindered filming from all angles.

This package includes a battery and charger, the ST16 Ground station transmitter and a Wizard Wand controller


The Typhoon H 4k comes with Team Mode which allows you to bind one transmitter with the actual drone while another transmitter can be bound to the camera. The ST16 all-in-one controller eliminates the need for a tablet or other viewing device as it comes with a large 7-inch screen for real-time viewing of your flight footage. The Wizard controller is a handy second controller with its own GPS beacon allowing control of the Typhoon h’s flight path whilst the ST16 controls the cameras functions.

The drone also has an inbuilt sonar sensor which allows the drone to detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Whilst collision avoidance makes for a safer flight it does not eliminate crashed all together so you still need to fly with caution. Optional Intel RealSense module further enhances the collision avoidance software by being able to detect and avoid objects in all directions regardless of where the camera is facing.

The landing gear is retractable allowing the CGO3+ camera to be able to film a full 360 degrees without obstruction. Each of the six arms are able to be folded down when you are finished flying, making the drone compact for convenient transport and storage. Each propeller has a quick release button for ease of removing and replacing the blades.

Activating Follow-Me Mode will direct the drone to follow you as you move. Watch-Me Mode ensures that the camera is directed at you as the drone follows you.


Team mode is great is a great tool for the best camera footage. It reduces the multi-tasking of having to concentrate on flying the drone while also trying to get good footage at the same time. The ST16 and Wizard controller mean you don’t need a separate tablet to operate the drone. Impressive flight time of up to 25 minutes means longer lasting fun. The 3 axis CGO3+ camera captures very high quality film and 12 megapixel still images. Follow-Me and Watch-Me Modes allow you to film yourself performing stunts or other activities.


Despite the Anti Collision mode accidents happens. And when they do blades tend to get damaged rather easily. If you are going to invest in any extras like a backup battery pack you should also invest in a few extra sets of propeller blades while you’re at it.

Final Thoughts

This is one impressive piece of machinery. Keen aerial photographers will love this UAV. The Typhoon H 4k is a compact drone packed with features. The quality of the drone itself is second to none and you won’t be disappointed with the responsive controls. A number of intelligent task modes offer multiple filming techniques and hours of flight enjoyment.

The Camera is the real gem in this package offering ultra-high definition video and 12 MP stills. Pair the intelligent task modes with remarkable camera for impressive film and still image photography. For ease of use, responsive flight agility and high quality imagery, you can’t beat the Typhoon H 4k.

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