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Walkera F210 Pro Racer – Review

For any serious drone enthusiasts that love speed, you will want to take this one out for a spin. A compact little quad with powerful brushless motors that allow it to move at incredible speeds. It comes with the latest F3 flight software and the Devo 7 Transmitter. The frame is constructed with carbon fibre materials making it durable against crash landings. The 700TVL night vision camera has 120 degree range and provides clear bright images.

Walkera f2110 pro racer front


The Walkers F210 Professional racer quadcopter comes as a RTF package. The drone itself is a small 7” x 7” (18cm x18cm). The 128mm diameter propeller blades are powered by powerful brushless motors. The 14.8V 1300 mAh Li-Po battery provides 8-10 minutes of flight. Including the battery the whole drone weighs under less than 14 Oz (370gm).

The quad and Devo 7 transmitter are equipped with the latest F3 flight system microchip and software which has been specifically designed for professional racing.
For night flight the drone is equipped with a 700TVL night vision camera that has a 120 degree visual range.

The Devo 7 transmitter is a fairly basic controller that experienced drone operators will have no problem using. Serious racers may consider upgrading the transmitter or binding with one they already own.


The Walkera comes equipped with a HD Night vision camera that produces clear picture quality. It has powerful motors that allow it to fly at racing speeds and the latest F3 flight system software. Robust carbon fibre body make this drone durable in a crash.


The big issue with this quadcopter is the lack of a ‘fail safe’. Combined with the fact that this is one speedy little piece of machinery, if you fly it too far away and loose connection with your transmitter then you’ll be on a search and rescue mission trying to recover your lost drone.

Final Thoughts

This is a great drone for intermediates to advanced pilots. Beginner level operators may find the drone difficult to handle due to its power and speed. Even experience pilots may take a little practice to get the hang of balancing and controlling the quad. Once you have the hang of it however you’ll be amazed by what it can do.

The F210 is a speedy little machine that will blow you away. The Quad has sufficient power for a vertical lift that will have it zooming out of eyesight in seconds. Keeping that in mind you should try to have an idea of where you are flying because if your quadcopter loses connection with the transmitter there is no fail safe to bring it back.

In the event of a crash the frame is very robust and can handle a few knocks. Whilst the camera isn’t exceptional it does have one notable feature, night vision. Check your local regulations first before flying your drone at night as it may not be permitted in your area. If there are no restrictions preventing you from flying at night then your drone will be able to capture night vision images with the 700TVL camera.

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