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XIRO Xplorer UAV Review

This is a great ready to fly quadcopter complete with everything you could ask for.  Attach the propeller blades, charge the inbuilt battery and connect the controller for up to 25 minutes of flight time. The HD camera is able to capture amazing 14 megapixel stills as well as 1080p or 720p HD motion film at 30fps. The mobile app available through Google play store or Apple allows you to attach your Android or iOS Smart Phone for real time, first person view images.

xiro xplorer

The level trip control system makes stable flight a breeze. Return home mode automatically kicks in if the Xplorer loses connection with the controller so you need not worry about losing your drone if you fly it too far over woods or other obstacles.


The XIRO Xplorer has an advanced level trip control system that provides you with a stable flight and optimum flight control right from the start. The controller has settings for beginners, experienced or expert pilots. The controller also has a vibration alert function that lets you know if your battery is running low giving you time to activate the ‘return home’ function.

A 3 axis Gimbal and camera stabilisation provides smooth and stable video feed. The advanced ‘circle around me’ and follow me functions give you added control when flying and creating interesting videos. The Camera is capable of recording impressive HD video at 10809/30fps and 720p/30fps as well as 14 megapixel still imaging. Pair the camera with your Smart Phone or Tablet for exciting FPV live feed.

The Quadcopter comes with an inbuilt 5,200 mAh LiPo battery that can sustain up to 25 minutes flight time depending on weather conditions. The pack also comes with all the accessories you need including an EU adapter, SAA Adapter, UK adapter, neck strap, Lens filter, Range extender, and basic maintenance tools.


The stabilisation systems built into the design of this drone make it easy to master flying in minutes for even the most armature of operators. The camera offers high quality still images and HD video feed. The additional advanced automated flight functions only add to what is already a great product.


The only real downside to the XIRO Xplorer is its fragile construction. For all its amazing features it is not terrible durable. So long as you keep it in the air and land with care you should be fine. However if you do crash, it may not fair to well.

Final Thoughts

As with many camera equipped drones it’s always good to have a practice run or two without the camera fitted until you get a good feel for the machine. With less weight you’ll find that you get more air time out of the quadcopter. When you feel comfortable flying the drone on its own, connect the camera and spend the first few minutes acclimatizing to the new weight and feel.

The ease of use and the added features make the XIRO a great drone for any experience level as long as you are patient and attentive when flying. It’s not as sturdy and durable as some other drones on the market and a few crash landings could result in expensive parts replacements. On the plus side, at least parts are available if you do need them.

Finally, the camera is really impressive. In conjunction with the 3 axis gimbal, the HD camera produces clear quality motion picture as well as high resolution still images. Once you become familiar with the “circle around me feature” you’ll be the star of your own YouTube channel in no time at all.

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