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Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon – Review

Yuneec have really outdone themselves with this fantastic package. Included are a quality quadcopter, spare blades, 2 x 5,200 mAh batteries, 32 GB micro SD card, ST10+ Personal Ground Station transmitter, a hand held CGO steady grip gimbal to be used with the removable camera and an aluminium carry case to put it all in.
The ST10+ transmitter allows you to view first person images in real time from you drone as you fly. The transmitter is easy to use and comfortable to hold.


The 1080p HD camera on included with this drone can take sharp 16 megapixel stills and clear 60fps video feed. This video feed is fed to the ST10+ personal Ground Station transmitter in real time allowing you to fame your perfect shot and record quality film. As well as seeing what your camera see in real time you are able to record it to the 32GB micro SD memory card which comes included. To give you plenty of time in the air to capture your footage this package comes with 2 x 5,200 mAh LiPo batteries.

Each battery will give you around 25 minutes of flight depending on weather conditions.  The camera is removable, which will give you greater air time as your quadcopter will be lighter without carrying the extra equipment. A hand held gimbal is included to attach your camera as well for steady ground images.

The Yuneec Q500+ comes with a ‘Follow Me’ function to enable you to capture selfies from your drone as it keeps pace with the hand held transmitter. The ST10+ Personal Ground station is stylish yet simple to use and has an integrated 5.5” screen allowing you to watch FPV direct from the camera.


Extra-long flight time with 2 batteries included and up to 25 minutes flight time from each battery.
Quality Full HD 1080p Camera capable of crystal clear video feed and sharp 16 Megapixel still images. Aluminium carry case for story and transporting your quadcopter, batteries, controller and accessories.


Yuneec aircraft come with ‘No-Fly’ software as standard. This means you won’t be able to use your drone if you live near an airspace, certain government buildings and other restricted areas. While it works well on calm clear days, it doesn’t handle wind very well at all. If you are an experienced pilot you should be able to compensate for the wind but it will certainly run your battery down a lot faster.

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty good drone for its size and price. The overall package is really great value for what you get. The ST10+ transmitter is easy to use and the 5.5” display screen shows quality real time video feed so you can see exactly what your drone see. The quadcopter is easy to fly, hovers fairly stable and can be controlled with little effort. Beginners and intermediates alike will get a lot out of this drone. The Yuneec isn’t the fastest quadcopter on the market but what it lacks in speed and power it makes up for with the impressive 4k camera.

For aerial photography and film you really can’t fault it at all. A redesigned lens provides less image distortion for clean, crisp imagery. Two included Li-Po batteries each provide up to 25 minutes of flight time. Ensure you let your drone cool for at least 10 minutes in between flight so that the propeller motors do not overheat.

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