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Yuneec Q500 Typhoon – Review

This package comes ready to fly with the inclusion of the CGO3-GB Camera, one battery and a pre-bound ground station unit. The 4K camera offers remarkable quality film and still images. The quadcopter itself is easy to fly even for novice users. Sold as RTF with the included transmitter already synced, all you need to do is get it out of the box, attach the propellers, charge the battery and you are all set to fly.

Yuneec Q500 typhoon


The three-axis precision gimbal allows you to record smooth footage from the 4K camera. The camera offers quality 1080p video recording at up to 120 fps and sharp 16-megapixel still images. The fully integrated controller allows the pilot to control the video resolution and adjust for light exposure.

The pre-bound ST10+ ground station has an integrated visual display and touch screen that offers easy of control and first person view camera feed. The ST10+ is easy to use for even novice pilots.
The Li-Po battery offers up to 30 minutes of flight time depending on weather conditions.


Although it only comes with 1 battery you can get 25-30 minutes air time, depending on weather conditions. Durable construction can withstand a few knocks and minor crashes. You don’t need to own or purchase a smart phone as it comes with a transmitter that has an inbuilt display screen.


This package comes with one battery. It also does not come with the aluminium carry case that you get with the standard Yuneec Q500 package. Yuneec has inbuilt software that will prevent your aircraft from being flown within 5 miles of restricted areas. Ensure you consider your location when purchasing this aircraft.

Final Thoughts

This is a great quadcopter set to purchase as a gift or for any beginner pilot to get themselves started. Purchasing a second battery will give you longer flight time and more enjoyment. As this package doesn’t come with a carry case it’s recommended you also consider an appropriate case or bag for packing away your drone safety and keeping it in good condition.

The camera is the real gem in this deal. For the price you get exceptional quality video and still images. The whole set up is incredibly easy to use. The controller is simple and straight forward. Getting the hang of flying is a breeze.

One thing you do need to be wary of is Yuneec’s inbuilt software that prevents your drone flying in restricted areas. If you live near an airfield or government building then you may find your drone simply won’t work. An altitude lock also prevents the drone from flying above 400ft in line with FAA regulations.

Over all this is a good mid-range quadcopter with everything you need to get started. The quad has a well-built aerodynamic design, is sturdy and hovers well. For quality aerial imaging you can’t fault it. The 3 axis gimbal provides smooth video feed for great footage.

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